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Vehicle Tracking


Our Vehicle tracking features and Benefits

  • Digital Alarm – Your car calls you any time someone tries to interfere, break in or steal anything from the vehicle when it is parked.
  • Mobile App – You get a mobile application installed on the vehicle owner’s phone showing real-time locations of the vehicle anytime, number of trips made.
  • Geographically Fence an area
  • Switching off a stolen car from the phone.
  • Has a tab on the mobile for monitoring traffic on the roads.
  • Has a Car-Jacking Help button pressed to notify the driver’s friends in case the driver is hi-jacked.
  • Know the Number of Trips on the phone, anywhere it was parked, for how long it was parked all from the mobile application in your phone
  • High-sensitive microphone put inside the car.
  • Calculates Expected Fuel consumption.
  • Protects your car while parked at Night
  • Vehicle owner can use their mobile phone to switch off their vehicle once it is parked; no one can ignite it at the parking lot without the owner authorizing from their phone.
  • Driver Interference Notification.

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Product requirements

  1. Copy of logbook
  2. Copy of ID/Passport for the owner

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